Fitness Assessment and Conditioning Services

When training horses in the equine world we are more than often guilty of concentrating on skill acquisition (sport specific horse_riderdrills) and not the underlying fitness of our horses. If we don’t pay due attention to the horse’s aerobic and anaerobic capacity then often the horse will struggle to complete the tasks we ask of them or suffer from excessive fatigue. This is a very dangerous situation to be in, as more than often will result in injuries.  You should be aiming to spend 50% of your time on schooling and 50% on conditioning:

How Fit is your Horse?
fitnessIn order to structure your conditioning programme and assess your progress, then an initial fitness assessment is required. Depending on your sport and your personal goals we can utilise a heart rate monitor to conduct the following:

  • Recovery Heart Rate Test
  • Constant Speed Heart Rate Test
  • untitledCardiac Recovery Index Testing

From these results we can then construct a conditioning programme targeted at achieving your desired training goals and over time repeat the Heart Rate Testing to assess progress.

Initial Fitness Assessment and condition programme – $100
Session lasts for approx 1-2 hours depending on horses current exercise levels. It will include an initial consultation to discuss personal goals, a ridden fitness assessment (must have access to an arena) followed by a written report outlining an appropriate conditioning programme.
If a horse is recovering from injury this session must be cleared by and be in consultation with the attending Vet.