Sensory-Motor Amnesia

stoopedAlso known as SMA

Unfortunately this is extremely common in the human body especially as we mature into our later years. The toll of life, injury, stress, trauma and repetition effects the optimal function of the soft tissues that hold us together. Our brains basically ‘forget’ that the effected muscle and surrounding structure ever functioned in a different way. The feedback system fails and we are unable to recognise that something is amiss – well apart from the resultant compensations and chronic pain.tilt copy This is often demonstrated when a physio or body worker places their client into a correct vertical alignment and the client swears they are not straight – the feedback system is failing. Luckily this can be improved upon with help and corrected once recognised.

All of this is true also for your equine partner. Your equine bodyworker is essential in preventing this failure of the feedback system which will eventually lead compensations and to injury. asymmetric horse

It is my job to map out your horses musculature and surrounding soft tissue, to recognise the imbalances and help you address these to prevent the chronic compensations that most of us carry. They are much more difficult to unwind which is why we work so hard to prevent them from taking hold in the first place!

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